It’s Father’s Day in a bit, and you can do better than a text message this time around.

First, we are excited about the holiday for an obvious reason — DADS are superheroes who play central roles in the development and success of every child. But far too often, their sacrifices either go unnoticed or are under-appreciated. We don’t think this should be the case, hence this prompt for you to make this year’s celebration of dads truly special for your old man with these thoughtful gift ideas!

  • Premium shirts / Comfy Shorts: If you think dads are too old to be particular about how they look, then you haven’t been paying attention to the big smile they wear each time they receive a compliment for ‘looking sharp’ and ‘youthful’. Because we understand this, we recommend that you roll back the years for your dad with any of our shirts or shorts! It gives the ‘still in the game’ vibe that will make every dad truly proud and bubbling. Budget: N20000 -N25000


  • Stationary Exercise Bike: The older our parents get, the more attentive we must be to matters related to their health. And one of the best ways to maintain a healthy fitness level and general well-being is to ensure regular levels of physical activity. A stationary bike is a great way to do this, and it doesn’t take up much space. Budget: N50000


  • Fuel: Whether diesel or petrol, this is a Nigeria-specific gift that will leave your dad buzzing all month long. Keeping the lights on and staying connected drills the biggest holes in people’s pockets. By sending dad 100L worth of fuel or more, you would have made sure he remains in the loop and can keep up with all the things he enjoys – including politics too, especially now that we are in the season – without spending a penny of his. Trust us, the prayers and praises will be longer and a lot more effusive. Budget: 50L – 100L of fuel 


  • Palm slippers or crocs for evening strolls around the block. Budget N10000- N15000


  • Car tires to give his automobile a new bounce. Budget: 1 brand new car tire N25000-30000


  • A Bluetooth speaker for evening chills with a bottle of his favorite drink. Budget: N10000


  • Whiskey or a bottle of wine to entertain himself and his guests. Budget N10000 – N20000


  • Internet data so he can send you unsolicited broadcasts on WhatsApp. Budget: Depends on the network provider N5000- N10000


  • Money because it never goes out of fashion. Budget : unlimited, show yourself 

One tip though, don’t leave it until later. You will likely get distracted and be left scrambling around the night before. Make active plans and lock this down. Oh, and by the way you can get him those shirts and shorts HERE. and HERE Just let us know it’s for Father’s Day, and we can add a note if you wish – makes it all the more thoughtful.