Welcome to EccentricNG, the preferred shirt brand of successful men moving the world forward.

As the fastest growing indigenous shirt brand in Nigeria, we have a catalog of shirts produced with the same spirit and special qualities that drive ambitious and high-flying men: unique creativity, great attention to detail, and courage.

All our shirts are made from scratch and our stock is constantly changing because style is personal, not generic and its expression is fluid, even if the goals remain the same.

We offer not just a piece of clothing but a complete lifestyle built on an unwavering commitment to excellence and success. From the craftsmanship to dispatch, every interaction with Eccentric portrays this commitment, deepening our bond with a large network of successful men across the country – and beyond, too – who have made Eccentric the core component of their image-building and perception creation.

We work very hard to grow this network because the world could do with more men pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

There is simply no substitute for Eccentric and our arrival into a man’s wardrobe heralds the commencement of his journey to an all-round perfection. Creative and successful men wear Eccentric, it’s that simple. And if that’s you, you have to send us a message