Honestly, there is no point in spending money on new clothes if you will not take care of them or your old ones. Fabrics like wool, cotton and linen need to be managed well. So do not get into the habit of  stuffing them into your closets or drawers or tossing them in a washing machine like they do not have feelings.


To make things easy for you, we have categorized the topics in the tips below:


  • SHIRTS: To hang shirts or to fold them? Tbh either works. Do what works for you and your space, it makes very little difference. If you would be  hanging them though, stay away from iron hangers as they leave a mark  on the shoulders of your shirt as time goes by, and button the shirts all the way up!

  • PANTS: Gently drape your trousers over your hanger; about 1/3 of the way up the leg.This will keep those ‘gators’ sharp!

  • SUITS; Invest in good quality hangers for these bad boys and never hang the pants with those pinching bars that come with hangers. Overall, store them in a suit bag. 


  • UNDERWEAR; Under shirts, socks and PJs all belong in a drawer. 

  • T-SHIRTS AND POLOS: They’ll  keep their shape better  in a drawer than on hangers. 

  • SWEATERS: Like water, gravity is the enemy of wool. Preserve the shape of your sweaters or sweatshirts by folding them and placing them in a drawer or on a shelf. 

LAUNDRY BASICS (Quick Crash Course)

  • Colors bleed, my friend. Separate your laundry by colour to prevent your fave white Tee from turning dark blue or pale pink. 

  • Did you spill coffee? Stew? Before you

  • Usually, we would recommend air drying but in the event that you have to machine dry your clothes please remember that excessive heat is a no-no. They will shrink your clothes and they will fade. don’t be the guy that walks around with sleeves that barely reach your elbows. 

  • Wash socks and underwear separately from the rest of your clothes. Trust us, your gym wear does not need to do a meet and greet with your formal shirts. 


  • Invest in a steamer and a lint roller, they are life savers.

  • If you use a dry cleaner, ask him/her to go easy on the starch. Your shirts, and ultimately your pocket, will thank


Remember, taking care of your clothes doesn’t have to be a chore. With the basics you can have  your cloths with you for longer periods. Save time and money.