Below are the five shirts we think are essential for the wardrobe of a working class man. Yes, they may seem like a few but when you add a few suits and a good selection of shirt ties, you’d see yourself having lots of combinations to last you for a while. These few versatile shirts give you all you need to dress properly from everyday of the week.

 So without further ado, here is our list:


The importance of owning a number of crisp white shirts goes without saying. If you don’t have a couple of them lying in your wardrobe then you just might be doing all of this wrong to start with. The white shirt is your go-to guy; it has been and will forever be the most appropriate shirt to go with just every suit color or tie. It may be a safe and easy choice but this is the one dress shirt you might want to stock up on.


You could also refer to this a sky blue shirt. Your sky blue shirt could either be oxford or herringbone or pique, they all come out classy. But if you’re looking to go a bit casual, an oxford button down collar is your best bet (this is your cue to get one). This shirt color is nearly as versatile as a white shirt, allows you give off a more vibrant vibe. Be it with a button down, cut away collar or classic collar – just get one.


This is the third business shirt we advise to invest in on this list. The stripes may be in blue, black, red or grey – choice is yours. The trick here is to keep the stripes on the thinner side and you may probably want to back it up with a white classic collar or just leave it plain either choice allows for your personal style to shine through.


Can’t emphasize how much vibe this shirt gives off. With a suit or with casual chinos you can’t go wrong. Choice colors can be black, deep blue, sky blue, purple or even red if we are being wild. You can stick with a button down collar or a semi-cut away collar, they all fly.


For casual days like Fridays, when it is okay to roll up your sleeves, a denim shirt tops the list.  A denim is a trendy item and a wardrobe essential. Be it the deep chambray or its lighter version, this is one shirt to have. Now you can either keep it plain and simple or get a western vibe on it, this is left to you but the main idea is to make sure you stay hip.


Business casuals or a date, this is your go to shirt. It can’t ever go wrong in terms of durability or style. In colours like white, light blue (most especially), navy blue, light grey –there actually isn’t any colour an oxford button down doesn’t look extraordinary in. Basically this is just a shirt that will stay in your wardrobe for a very long time.

If you don’t have at least 5 of these, it’s going to be hard to combine them with other things; you’re basically equipped on the long run with these shirts.

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