One of the basic details needed to successfully order a shirt online is providing the vendor with your correct shirt size. Shirt sizes can be categorized into two: alpha sizing and numerical sizing. Both work but one proves more accurate than the other and we will tell you why.

1. Alpha sizing: this consists of sizes labelled as Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL) etc. They work mostly for t-shirts. While these sizes are commonly used they come off as arbitrary, they aren’t specific enough.

2. Numerical sizing: this is based on neck size and sleeve length. Neck sizes vary from 15.15.5, 16, 16.5 etc. All you need to do to figure is this out is take a measurement tape around your neck; leaving space for a bit of leeway and you’d have your magic number. And for your sleeve length, measurement tape goes from the middle of the back of your shoulder to your wrists, you get numbers like 33,33.5,34,35 etc.

For example, you are ready to order a bunch of shirts, all the information you need regarding your size is “I wear a “15/34” or “I wear a 16.5/36”- this takes care of everything.

So you have two options of choosing which size patterns to stick to, although Numerical sizing has always been efficient. We hope this helps. For an idea of what Eccentric’s size chart looks like click here:


Eccentric Man in a 16.5/35