We live in peculiar times now; the world is changing and so we have to spin along with it. Below are a few tips we think you will need to look out for when you have to deal with interviews, or even meetings virtually.

  1. Dress as you normally would if you were going for a physical interview. Infact, dress for the job you want. Doesn’t matter that you’re home. If the company you’re gunning for is a tech firm where the dress code is business casual you can get on with button down collar shirts, if it’s a necktie kind of workplace you can as well don a suit.


  1. Stick with solid colors. Avoid busy patterns. We’d advise that you stay away from prints such as stripes or herringbone; they tamper with the video visuals and bring a bit of attention to what you are wearing. Best to stick to solid plain colors. This also applies to wall backgrounds. Avoid wearing a white shirt if you’ve got a bright colored background.


  1. Think about what the interviewer will see around you. You should want to have a professional and organized space in mind. If you have a work-space set up at home you have a head start, if you don’t, a blank background will do.


  1. Do a test run. your laptop, internet connection, sign in your preferred video applications, test your video and audio quality, set aside documents you might need – you’d do well to get these going way before the scheduled time of interview. You can do a test run with a friend to see how things look from your side and the other way around.


  1. Lastly, while your interview is on keep your eyes on the camera lens, not yourself (this is awkward anyway). And do away with revolving chairs, you know why.


Good luck, you’ve got this!