The idea of ‘office’ has changed. No longer rigidly defined as a room with desks and stack of books nobody really reads – office now could pretty much be the comfort of your sofa. And that’s thanks to the internet.

We now have remote workers, that is, people who work from home or anywhere else they can station their computers and gadgets to get things done. This freedom has influenced other changes, including fashion.

If you are a remote worker, you are probably reading this in your pajama pants and the overflowing t-shirt you were gifted by a telecommunications company, nodding your head with the thought “this people really get me”. Well, yes, we do and we are here to tell you that you need to change something.

You need to set up a work-from-home wardrobe! Yes, really. We know you think to work from home is to not have to deal with HR on dress code compliance, and we completely agree with you on that. But new research has shown that your pajama pants and that free t-shirt you definitely do not want to be caught in outside your room door may not help productivity. Here’s why.

1. Getting dressed is a simple way to switch to work mode
Some studies have found that outfits can influence work approach and productivity. So it is advised to maintain the routine of taking a shower and getting dressed for work even as a remote worker. This will signal to your body and brain that it is time to switch to work mode. Consider it as awakening your inner Chiellinni and Bonucci combined!

2. In full work mode, discipline is easier
In case you’ve been wondering why you are always slumbering and cannot spend twenty minutes on work without feeling the overwhelming desire to slip under the duvet and observe a short (two-hour) nap, yeah it’s the pajamas. And the bed too. So get up and get dressed!

3. With discipline at good levels, deadlines will be smashed
Getting up and getting dressed is an effective way to maintain high levels of focus and productivity that will help you excel at work and beat your deadlines. And you already know what means: promotions, better opportunities, and more fundsssssssss!

4. It certainly doesn’t have to be100% formal
And by getting dressed, we do not mean you should wear suits and sit at your bedside table o. Before somebody will say it is Eccentric that said I should do it. There are well-styled, comfortable casual outfits we consider fit for purpose in this case. Think of them as the work-from-home specials.

And hey, here’s a bunch of recommended shirts that can help you ace this! (Images are clickable).

Have a fantastic Monday and a productive week!