We all know how convenient it is to buy stuff online these days, no need to dress up to leave the house, just stay in and have your items delivered to you.  While there are lots of pros shopping online, there are also drawbacks you may experience and that’s the reason why we are gathered here today.


If there’s one thing that’s heartbreaking it’s hearing comments like, ‘I ordered some stuff  from another vendor was scammed’, or ‘they weren’t my size at all’. Comments like these make it harder for you trust businesses online. But hey, here are some tips you can hang on to so you have a control of things and it doesn’t go south.


  1. BE SURE OF YOUR SIZE: Shirt size, pant trouser size, whatever it is be sure about it. Don’t be in a rush to place your order. With physical stores you can try things out and be sure about what works for you but that luxury isn’t available when you are buying items online. So, be friends with your tailor because you might need their assistance in making sure you select the right size before you place an order, or you can go meet this vendor physically and have them take your measurements if you prefer to be extra extra sure. 


  1. CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS: Scan the entire page for reviews. Check comments all types of customers leave on the page – those that are making inquiries and those that have already bought. See if there’s pictures or comments of people who have previously used their products or services, see how to handle objections, does it sit right with you?


  1. ASK QUESTIONS: I cannot emphasize how important this is. What is the delivery timeline? Are there conditional discounts? Where they are located? Do they have a return policy? What kind of fabric is this? Whatever your concerns maybe it’s advisable it’s advisable to ask the address it so you’re not kept in the dark.



  1. ASK ABOUT THE FABRICS: Ask questions! We love this part because it keeps us on our toes. Asides fitting, the fabric is one of the most important part of a clothing so you have to make sure you are getting value. If you don’t know so much about fabrics, familiarize yourself with your favorite items in your wardrobe and let them know this is what you’re comfortable with and what not. So, if you have a thing for thick, durable fabrics like oxfords you can just stick with their oxford pieces, if you’re just a regular guy who just wants a good and starch able shirts to work then voice that out as well.


  1. CHECK OUT THE RETURN POLICIES: All online businesses have to have a return policy. So even if you’ve done everything right some things can still go left; damaged items, delivery never came through, wrong sizes, wrong selections. Please make sure whoever you are opting to buy from has policies that addresses concerns like these.



  1. BE FLEXIBLE: Sometimes how a color appears online may not be the same way it comes out when you receive it, colors may change slightly due to camera edits or different stocks, so you may want to keep this in mind.  But if you ordered for a sky-blue shirt and you then get an ocean blue item where the world can see that difference is as clear as night and day then you definitely have to ask for exchange.

There you go. So chief, do you have certain things you look out for when shopping online? Have you had bad experience while shopping online? Please share with us in the comment section so we can learn some wisdom.