We’ve all had this major issue with chinos trousers where they just don’t last as long as they should, due to fading. What are our chinos fabrics made of? A whole bunch of cotton twill with a bit of polyester. While it’s up fo your tailor to select the best fabrics for you, you also owe it to your chinos to do your bit in maintaining them. These guys’ lives matter too.

An important part to tending to chinos is washing and properly caring for them. So we have listed 5 tips that can help you on that quest, simple and easy.

1. WASH INSIDE OUT: Literally first step in this battle. Washing them inside out keeps them looking newer. The inner side takes all bashing and dragging your washing machine or detergent may bring keeping the outer side. Don’t worry, they’ll still just as clean washing them inside out.

2. ALWAYS HANG DRY: Throwing them in the dryer will subject them to shrinking. Best to hang dry outside.

3. USE MILD DETERGENTS: Harsh detergents also culprits in this bust up. Truth is you don’t need that much detergent to get things going. Water moving through your clothes get the cleaning done. So when next you’re going your laundry, especially with chinos, take it easy on the detergent.

4. DON’T WASH AS OFTEN: Washing your chinos after every single wear will take a toll on them. Exception to bright colored chinos or if there’s a stain on them, then you know you just have to get it washed. Asides that, 3-4 wears before wash is just fine.

5. HAVE AS MANY CHINOS TROUSERS: How many chinos trousers have you got? Got enough to rotate them comfortably? If you feel like you need to wash your chinos every week you definitely need a few more pairs. We can definitely help with that. No excuses.

All these may seem like a lot of work but it definitely will help in making them last. All the best!