Nothing speaks soft,comfortable and airy on a hot afternoon than a linen shirt. And the weather being ridiculously sunny these days you might want to step away from cotton shirts and relax in linen shirts instead. 


Linen fabric is the perfect choice for any summer collection, (safe to say it’s summer all year long in Nigeria) mainly because of its breathability and open weaves. Keeps your body temperature down and allows for airiness. 

And if you do happen to still sweat in that danfo bus, linen fabrics have a good moisture zapping characteristic – it won’t cling to your skin like other fabrics do and they’re quick to dry up rather than leave patches on your shirt. 

What’s more amazing? Linen fabrics are so durable, you can wear them time and time and time again and they still look the same. They are made from flax which is known for its strong fibers. 

We EccentricNg, being your most trusted shirt plug have a range of linen shirt fabrics available to choose from. Got an event coming up? Make sure you’re talking to us about getting you sharply and comfortably dressed in shirts that tell people how important you are – without saying it.