Valentine’s Day is about a week away, and you need to get him a gift. Frankly, getting him getting him clothes he might like is thoughtful. You then happen to take it a step further by getting him shirts from Eccentric?! We don’t know what could be more romantic than that – what is clear as day is your man needs shirts to wear everyday (unless this special man is retired and living the rest of his days somewhere), and we are the best plug in town.

So, not only are these shirts guaranteed to fit him perfectly, they will also be selected by you – doesn’t get any personal than that.

Well yes, you can get him other gadgets that could be entertaining but nothing can be more practical than a shirt – an Eccentric shirt, let’s not get carried away. Something you are certain he’s going to want to wear every day – and think of you.

If you are not sure of a colour he likes, that’s fine this means it’s up you to decide what’s best from our range of available options.

The gag of the matter is, we are offering an 18% discount for any three shirts (that’s N16000, as opposed to N19500)  you order from right now until the 10th of February (10th because we like to give room for any unforeseen contingencies, we don’t definitely don’t want to be the reason you are panicking at 5pm on the 14th).  For outright buys and preorders, the whole deal ends on the 10th.  

Know what’s even smoother? We are a DM or click away!

*All other terms and conditions remain intact*