Na band collar shirts dey reign o! It’s the staple of any man’s wardrobe this year – and for good reasons, as you’ll learn shortly. Its smoothness, being less casual than a full collared shirt but more sophisticated than a T-shirt, makes it a top pick!

We think you need to stock up on them, for the following quick reasons:

  • They are modern and casual: if neckties and formal shirts aren’t your thing anymore, then band collar shirts are the way to go. Buttoned or unbuttoned, tucked or untucked, meetings or dinner – you still look ‘together’ and good to go!
  • They can be layered/paired with just about anything: pair with a blazer as a wedding guest or a V-neck sweater for a team board meeting, the band collar shirt makes it easy to show style.
  • Its ‘versatility’ allows for quick transformation: when buttoned to the top, the band collar shirt offers sophistication and style. With a few buttons down, it feels ‘breezy and relaxed’. Which means you can complete tasks at the office and still make it to the bar (to watch a replay of Ghana exiting AFCON, hehe) looking appropriate at both events, only by undoing a few buttons.

Confident that we have been able to convince but not to confuse you that you absolutely need lots of band collar shirts in your life and wardrobe, here are top five selections we recommend and the link to purchase them at a 5% discount! You can check HERE for our full range of band collar shirts.